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EpcotFlowerandGarden08 (10) copy

Put all your dreams in mason jars and send them out to sea;

When they return, pristine or burned, you’ll know which ones to keep.

Take winding paths that no one ever dared venture before;

When brambles leave your skin in shambles, be glad that you’re sore.

On forest roads that no one knows you’ll find where you belong;

You’ll build a timber castle while the sparrows sing your song.

The storms you braved across the way are now a distant pain;

In clearings burnt by wildfires, butterflies dance like rain.

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DSC_0377 copy epic

Maybe one day you’ll feel it

When the northern wind escapes your soul

And creeps into your bones,

Sending shivers to your core—

Shivers as cold as the ones you send

Through your temptingly polar gaze.

Icy but enticing—that’s how they put it, isn’t it?

Your eyes are dead, but maybe you’ll feel alive again

When the mist rolls in at dusk

And the wet grass skims your feet

Like a caressing hand, welcomingly cool—

A cold you embrace after uncomfortable warmth—

A chill that recreates itself in undulating bumps

Across your pale arms;

You spread them out to your sides

As the wind catches you and leaves just as suddenly,

Just as suddenly as you do.

Look up—the night sky is shimmering;

Maybe you’ll get that indescribable feeling

You never shut up about when we’re alone;

Maybe then you’ll know how I feel

When I’m haunted by the thought of you.

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DSC01763 copy
A tale once told to children in their sleep,
Unsettling their angel-like repose—
Words whispered by the beasts who’d witness lain
And yearned to tell the tale to those who weep.

Not far, not near, a palace tow’ring high,
Here serving her grand Queen—a dark-eyed maid,
Who’d wished to flee her farming life at home,
Where no-thing would have e’re gone so awry.

She felt her Queen’s great silks, combed locks of hair
That sat beneath a circlet spun of gold.
The maiden wished to have such things herself—
To have about her so regal an air.

At night, lying in sheets blatantly coarse,
She could not sleep for neighing sounds so faint.
On tip-toe she crept out into the hall,
And there—a dark-eyed knight on a great horse.

Down flights of narrow stairs the pair advanced
And landed in a ballroom fully dark,
Save for the gleaming stained glass on the walls,
Whose ghostly light under which nobles danced.

A golden throne loomed empty o’er the scene;
The maiden left the knight and took her place,
And instantly—silks in her hands with jewels,
And on her head, a crown fit for a Queen.

She watched over a night that had no dawn
As merry courtiers danced to and fro.
She reveled as they shouted out her name,
Her past as maid, not Queen, now nearly gone.

But waltzes endless left her in defeat;
The years passed—she, now weary of the throne,
Was wondering if she—somehowperhaps
Could at least temporarily retreat.

So, scheming of her method of return,
She peered more closely at the ballroom dark,
And, eerie in that moment, the glass light
Horrifically through her dear subjects burned.

They were not solid—nay, “They’re merely ghosts!”
The shadows ‘round her dark as deathly sleep.
The knight who’d led her there now caught her eye,
Her eye—exact same as those of his boast.

With every thought each jewel came tumbling down;
All in her head—the silks dissolved to dust.
She was not here, in truth, nor was she Queen;
There was no here—no head to hold the crown.

For she in sleep had taken final breath;
Oblivion had brought to her false bliss,
And Queen Nocturna, in ballroom of night,
Only could have wishes fulfilled by Death.

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DSC00774 copy

She sailed across the sea of silent stones,

Her ghostly face gleaming in spite of gloom.

I shadowed her; perhaps I should have known

That she was taking me to my own tomb.

Before I disappeared she made a call

Across the water, to my wakened self,

Awaiting both her and my future fall,

All-too-aware of the nightmares I’d felt.

Her words cast shadows on her sharpened teeth;

She took me far away from towns of graves

To which she’d steered me in my troubled sleep,

When I was minding as she misbehaved.

In dreams she bestowed me my final breath,

But in a call her voice was dulcet death.

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DSC01969 copy

They say in the north, in a series of hurried whispers

That the blackbird is coming—

“The blackbird is coming,”

Coming with a vengeance to join her vivacious sisters.

Calculating, causing a bout of premature shivers,

The blackbird is coming—

The blackbird is coming,”

Clutched tightly in its two talons: four ferocious winters.

No chronicled cold, no known chill has ever been brisker;

The blackbird is coming—

“The blackbird is coming.”

Gliding through the dusk sky, she could not be any swifter.

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DSC_0243 copy

I daresay that I cannot decide

Whether it is the stardust in your eyes

Or pixie dust scattered upon on your hair

From the spells that you cast into the air—

The incantations whispered in a dream

Reflected in a looking glass pristine.

In hazy crystal balls there’s naught to find—

The mystery’s not easily defined;

Overlook constant cycles of the moon,

The stars that will dance into orbit soon,

Flashes of lightning twirling in the skies,

The ever constant pull and flow of tides.

Do not think twice about huddles of crows—

These things are not what do enchant me so.

I’m bewitched far beyond the realm of chance;

Luck possesses far too feeble a stance.

No, this is the work of things unexplained—

Beasts sprung from golden legend, gods untamed.

Magic in age-old form is what it seems:

To be charmed beyond all thinkable means.

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DSC00542 copy

From afar a glorious thing,

Like a city at midnight beckoning;

Your cage disguised as your wings,

Gold and diamonds and pretty rings;

Tinted windows blocking the light,

Tumble down seventeen stories high;

Never see sun, never see sky,

Sickeningly jeweled hand on your thigh;

Black suits in a suffocating sea,

Can’t bite the gold between your teeth;

A façade like an opaque sheath,

You never wonder what’s beneath.

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