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If he ever says he fell in love,

I surely wouldn’t think he meant with me.


                                                    If someday she tells me I’m the one,

                                                    What a beautiful lie that would be.


I saw it to be true since dawn arose;

Something told me, “He will steal your heart.”


                                                    It took me ‘till night fell but now I know

                                                    That I should have loved her from the start.


He’s nothing special—of this I am sure,

But to me, he’s imperfectly perfect.


                                                    There’s nothing lacking perfection in her—

                                                    How could she ever think that I am worth it?


I’m waiting, wishing, counting down the days;

The heart’s calendar is fast yet far too slow.


                                                    What should I do when I next see her face?

                                                    I’ve thought for hours but still I don’t know.


In a perfect world, you’ll say my name.

We’ll talk and talk ‘till everyone is gone.

It’ll be clear that you feel the same,

And all my negativity was wrong.


They’ll judge us as we fall in love too fast.

From then on we’ll share everything we do.

You’ll whisper to me the truth at long last:

“My world’s perfect as long as I have you.”


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