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I don’t know you—save for my biased observations

From the past three or so years—

Three or so years because I have always been watching,

And biased because you have always been perfect—

To me.


You don’t know me—save for a casual glance here

And a few casual words exchanged there

When your path finally strayed in my direction

And our eyes locked at last—a meeting that could only have been planned

By Fate itself.


It lasted for minutes, but I swore it went by in a second—

Mere minutes it lasted—I managed to stretch it out for days—

Days flew by and I hoped for more—more of you—

Fanciful scenarios condensed themselves into sideways glimpses—

Now it’s been weeks.


I don’t know you, and you don’t know me,

But I say we lay down under the stars and stare up at the moon

And whisper about just how ignorant we are of one another—

When, really, what we know is all we need—

You and I.


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If I could send you

A message in a bottle,

Would it reach you

Where you stand


On the shore?


Where you stand—

With the waves lapping

At your feet—

Where you stand,

Gazing out

Across the ocean blue—


Gazing out

Towards the sun

On the horizon,

Where you could find me

If you chose

To someday set sail—


To set sail

Through the storms

And through the wind—

Just as my message

Sailed across

To get to you.



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