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It is strange to think

That an ordinary globe

Can have such meaning.


It is a symbol

Representing what we are—

So far yet so near.


The world’s a small place;

We are connected as one—

Just oceans away.


But oceans are vast,

And miles add up quickly,

Making us give up.


But should you lose hope,

Place your finger where I am—

That’s where I will wait.


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You’re trapped in your own mind,

And there’s no way for you

To ever break out of the shackles

You custom-made to fit yourself.


And you see things so clearly—

Things that are not there,

But they are there, they really are,

Yet no one will ever believe you.


Life feels like a winding staircase

That leads to trapdoors and dead ends;

The steps fall down from under you,

And you tumble into never-ending darkness.


This is a permanent routine—

One you simply cannot avoid,

But even if you had a chance to run,

Would you try to escape?


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The night has fallen upon us;

The stars emerge from their hiding place

And form a blanket of twinkling lights

That illuminates the sleeping world.


The moon is close enough to touch—

It is ours, if we wish for it to be so;

I will wrap it in wisps of shadow

And open it when dawn arrives.


There is nothing more for us to do

Than dance under this brilliant sky

And revel in the days that have passed

To give way to these sparkling dark hours.


It is ours, if we wish for it to be so—

Not only the moon, but the stars

And this time of night itself

And the beauty that it carries with it.


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