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I want you to love me,

My sweet, sweet blue-eyed

Darling whom from only afar

I am able to marvel.


I want you to love me

Because when I fall asleep

I dream of your golden face

And your chilling warmth.


I want you to love me,

For you are so unattainable

And if you fell for me,

I’d know miracles exist.


I want you to love me,

My singing bluebird—

Perched outside my window,

Just too far to reach.



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Wasting your time

Is the most marvelous thing

You could ever do—

When the clouds start to pour

And the light turns to gray—

And you want nothing more

Than to sit down by the fire

With a steaming cup of coffee

And watch as the seconds tick away

On your brutally honest clock,

For although you may take a rest,

Time never stops.


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I cannot bear any longer

To hear the dreadful sounds

Of their whispers and yells—

Of the silence that ensues.


Play me a melody,

For their songs are off-key,

And you always manage

To strike the right notes.


The white-and-black surface

Hides your life story—

A story of mournful ballads

And longing for a different tune.


Play me a lullaby,

And I’ll pray you’re granted

The same kind of tranquility

As you give to me.


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I’m sorry, my dear—

The barrier between us

Is too strong to breach.



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Promise me skies that never turn to grey

And only clouds the purest shade of white,

Drifting along like the passing of day

Into the peace of the star-speckled night.


Promise me a stream in the grassy dell

And by its bank a garden full in bloom—

Orange flowers where the butterflies dwell,

Dancing in the air—their own grand ballroom.


Promise me a vast, never-ending sea

And a golden shore that stretches for miles—

The call of the gulls as they’re flying free

Above the ocean and its string of isles.


Promise me a land left untouched by time,

Where every mountaintop is crowned with snow,

And if we’re strong enough to make the climb,

The sunset will provide us with a show.


Promise me, for the promises you make

Have never once proven themselves to break.


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