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Don’t you ever wonder

What it would be like

To be something greater—

To be as great

As you could have been

Had you tried—

Had you been given the chance?


Don’t you ever wonder

If you deserve more

Than this too-small town

And these too-familiar faces

And that girl of yours

Who will never give you

The entirety of her heart?


Don’t you ever wonder

How great it would be

To do what you desire,

Whatever it may be,

With me at your side—

Loving you more truly

Than anything you’ve known?


Such a simple life

For an extraordinary person

Like you to live,

But an extraordinary life

Could be lived so simply

As long as you take a breath

And jump in.



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Stop trying to smash together

And modify the shapes of

Puzzle pieces that do not fit;


Amiability is a blessing—

One that cannot be strained,

And sometimes, it’s not present


Years and years of conflict

Are not so easily discarded

Once they have left their scars.


Don’t mistake unwillingness

For hatred, as you are prone to do

Because you love a fight.


You must derive pleasure from

Watching my eyes brim with tears

And yelling till your voice is hoarse.


Only you can take a beautiful day

And morph it into a storm

With clouds black as night.


You take my words and twist them

Until I cannot even recognize

What has escaped my tongue;


It doesn’t matter if it’s irrelevant

As long as it’s fuel for your

One-sided war where no one ever wins.


I must not be very important,

For you treat me like a stranger

And act as if I am expendable.


You say I am a villain,

But you hardly know me—

You only know what’s on the surface.


It seems as if you’ve stopped trying

To make an effort to learn,

For perhaps you will discover the truth.


All you want to acknowledge

Is what you think is right and wrong;

You never see a side other than your own.


And change for you is nonexistent—

Even if it’s clearly, irrefutably there,

Progressing slowly but still undeniable.


You think I came from hell,

Yet it was you who first gave me

A glimpse of the underworld.


You are a destroyer,

But you will never be able to admit it

Because you are always, always right.


It seems as if things are exploding,

And you wish to push me away

So that you won’t have to deal with me.


But if worse ever comes to worst,

I’m sure you will regret it

For every day of your miserable life.


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Crawling up

With leafy green fingers,

Slowly but so, so steadily—

About to take me

And wrap itself around me

Until I am helpless

And stricken by this

Danger that complicated

Things even further

By crossing my path—

A danger, albeit unusual;

Yet I am so liable

To hazards strange as this—



For I thrust them upon myself—




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I wanted to write about you

Because you’ve been on my mind

Quite a lot lately

With those ocean blue eyes

And that laugh I love

That can only be described

As a contagion that can spread

To all who are in sight.

It’s hard to believe

That you have ever cried,

For that million-dollar grin

Is so blindingly bright,

And when everything’s wrong,

It suddenly feels right

Because it makes its way to me—

Your joy of living life.

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     Recently, I have received quite a lot of awards, and I’ve been doing really badly at keeping track of all of them. I haven’t made a post acknowledging my nominations in what feels like forever, so I’m sorry if this late! I appreciate all of the recognition so much; it truly makes my day. And on a side note, I enjoy judging which pieces of my writing you all seem to like best :) I love it when a certain poem or story gets a substantial number of comments; it makes me feel like I was able to connect with my readers and start conversations amongst them. That being said, I will now thank everyone who has given me an award in the past month or so.

     Thanks Julie at Butterfly Julz for the Liebster Blog Award. I know this is extremely late. Nevertheless, your blog is beautiful, and your writing is lovely.

     Gracie at Everything With Grace for the Amazing Blogger Award: thanks so much! You were one of my first readers, and honestly, you are adorable :D

      Thank you Neeraj at Pieces for the Inspiring Blog Award. I really enjoy your poems; they are an inspiration to me. Arab Writer Chick also nominated me for the same award, which means a lot to me because I think her writing is amazing. Her support means the world to me.

      Finally, merlinspielen nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award. I only saw this one today, and it brought a smile to my face. Thank you so much! (For some reason, I don’t think the picture for this one is loading.)

      Now, since I won more than one award, I’m not going to nominate any other bloggers simply because I don’t know what I’m nominating them for. However, I think all of my followers are worthy of winning these awards, so if you want to say I nominated you for any of them… Have your pick ;)

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When the clock strikes twelve,

Meet me at the tower,

And we can dance on the staircase

Like we did in a dream.


When the clock strikes twelve,

Fly with me until

We lose ourselves completely

In the myriad of stars.


When the clock strikes twelve,

Take me far away,

And show me the world

As I have never seen it before.


When the clock strikes twelve,

Throw rocks at my window,

And call to me so sweetly

Once I step onto the balcony.


When the clock strikes twelve,

Sit with me by the fireplace

And open the book to our story—

A story eternal as love.



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Whispers of the wind

Calling my name so gently—

Just as you once did.


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