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You honestly don’t know how sorry I am for being so late. I haven’t posted in more than a month. I am ashamed of myself, and I know that I can do better than this. All of my followers are so amazing and loyal; I know I am late with this, too, but my Writing Aficionado self is thankful for you all: the readers. Ha, if I were you, I would have stopped following this blog already.

That being said, I am still writing. It is hard for me to juggle my responsibilites with finding time to write, and when I do find time to write, I have to decide whether I want to write for my own pleasure (that is, my fickle attempts at novels) or whether I want to write for this blog. Most of the times I actually do have something I could post; it’s just that I’m too lazy to go through the actions of formatting the poem/story into a post and uploading a picture and sizing it and publicizing it on Facebook and ugh.

Now, however, I have decided that I am going to post twice a month, every month. I am planning to upload something every other Sunday, but this is tentative and probably will not work all the time. In any case, there WILL be more posts soon, I promise you.

I apologize again for my laziness and procrastination. (Let’s be honest, though, it’s part of the Writer’s Disease.)

Also, I hope you all had a very happy Thanksgiving and that you didn’t get trampled over on Black Friday.


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     Recently, I have received quite a lot of awards, and I’ve been doing really badly at keeping track of all of them. I haven’t made a post acknowledging my nominations in what feels like forever, so I’m sorry if this late! I appreciate all of the recognition so much; it truly makes my day. And on a side note, I enjoy judging which pieces of my writing you all seem to like best :) I love it when a certain poem or story gets a substantial number of comments; it makes me feel like I was able to connect with my readers and start conversations amongst them. That being said, I will now thank everyone who has given me an award in the past month or so.

     Thanks Julie at Butterfly Julz for the Liebster Blog Award. I know this is extremely late. Nevertheless, your blog is beautiful, and your writing is lovely.

     Gracie at Everything With Grace for the Amazing Blogger Award: thanks so much! You were one of my first readers, and honestly, you are adorable :D

      Thank you Neeraj at Pieces for the Inspiring Blog Award. I really enjoy your poems; they are an inspiration to me. Arab Writer Chick also nominated me for the same award, which means a lot to me because I think her writing is amazing. Her support means the world to me.

      Finally, merlinspielen nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award. I only saw this one today, and it brought a smile to my face. Thank you so much! (For some reason, I don’t think the picture for this one is loading.)

      Now, since I won more than one award, I’m not going to nominate any other bloggers simply because I don’t know what I’m nominating them for. However, I think all of my followers are worthy of winning these awards, so if you want to say I nominated you for any of them… Have your pick ;)

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       I am very happy to say that The Writing Aficionado now has a Facebook page! You can go like it here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Writing-Aficionado/292482364165225?ref=tn_tnmn. I would be thrilled if you showed your support—nothing is more dreadful than making a page on a social networking site and being afraid no one will like it/follow you. If you check it out, you’ll see how fine and dandy it is, and there I’ll make sure to include direct links to my posts. There is, however, a catch (because when is there not?): don’t expect too many updates that differ from those on my Twitter. My number one priority is my blogging, and I don’t want to spend valuable time on staring at my computer screen trying to think of something witty. Instead, I’ll use that time to write; after all, isn’t that the most important thing here?

       In other news, I’ve won two new blogger awards. David Cummins of The Noise of Silence has kindly nominated me for the Liebster Blog Award, and Samir of Cecile’s Writers has given me the Versatile Blogger Award. I thank these two gentlemen, who have frequently shown their support with my works. Their blogs are definitely worth your time, if you are not following them already.


       Unfortunately, I’m not going to do the whole 7 facts or 15 facts (or whatever it is) thing. I feel like I’ve done that too much already, and I don’t wish to seem repetitive. Plus, it’s actually hard to think of interesting things about myself that are worth sharing! If you want to learn more about my quirkiness, you can read my posts for my last two blog award here. If you’ve read them already but still want to know more about me then… You’re out of luck. I’m sorry. You can always reread them.

       So yes, in conclusion: Like me on Facebook if you wish to do so. Thank you for the awards and support and comments and likes, et cetera. I wish you all a wonderful rest of your Friday. Keep blogging!


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Hello, fellow bloggers!

Amy from Pen Names and Other Escapes nominated me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award today! Thank you so much, Amy! Readers like you inspire me to write even more (and that says a lot, trust me). Everyone should check out Amy’s blog—it’s highly entertaining, and goodness gracious, she’s won quite a few awards!

So the rules for this award are the following: list seven facts about yourself and nominate seven other bloggers for the award. Sounds like a lot of work, huh? Well if I can do it then you can, and I suffer from chronic laziness. I really do—you can ask my family.

Here goes: seven facts about myself. I know I’ve already done this a week or two ago for another award, but guess what? Now you get to learn even more about my strange behaviors and preferences!


7 Things You Didn’t Know About Me:

1. My favorite color is blue. But not just any blue; it has to be a specific shade of midnight blue. Because that just makes things 100% more mysterious.

2. I never cry during movies (except Titanic).

3. I would much rather eat toast than cereal for breakfast.

4. My font of choice is Book Antiqua, size eleven. Times New Roman is so overrated.

5. I own a Snuggie. Don’t judge me.

6. I love long car rides because they’re relaxing and they allow me to escape into the world of my IPod.

7. I have terrible handwriting, and it embarrasses me.


Now that wasn’t too bad, was it? Here’s part two of the procedure (of course, these blogs are listed in no particular order because they’re all equally great):


7 Bloggers I Nominate For This Award:

Rant and Roll

Thingy, er… Poems (love the name, by the way)

Sally’s Baking Addiction


Mildly Entertained

The Ocularis of Michael Heiss

Simple Pleasures


Thanks again for this award, Amy. It means so much to me that my work, which until recently was confined to my notebook, is now speaking to others. I love it when people can connect to my writing—it makes everything feel worthwhile.


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       I am pleased to announce that I am now on Twitter! Yes, my craziness will now be available in 140-character format. Since I am new to the blogging world, I’m hoping that this will help me establish a larger reader base. With any luck, I’ll be reaching a wider range of people—one Tweet a time.

       Here’s the link to my Twitter account:


       If you have a Twitter and wish to follow me, I’d be delighted. Helpful suggestions are greatly appreciated. I’ll try to Tweet at least some of the many incomprehensible thoughts that are flying through my head, and I’ll also include links to my blog whenever I make a new post (because emails aren’t enough).

       So, are you a Twitter aficionado?

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          I’m pleased to say that today, my fellow blogger Vikki nominated me for the Kreativ Blogger Award! Here’s a link to her amazing blog: The View Outside. As a writer myself, I love to read about her writing process and her valuable insight. Thanks, Vikki; I really appreciate this!

          So here it goes. I’m actually going to follow the rules for the award this time. I know—I’m shocked too.

Seven things about myself (even though I’m not that interesting):

  1. I’m an Anglophile. I love anything and everything about the U.K. Even though I’ve never been there before. (Ironic, I know…)
  2. I’m addicted to watching the Food Network.
  3. I took Latin in school. Ars longa, vita brevis.
  4. I have an insane fear of wasps. And dogs.
  5. I love Charles Dickens’ style of writing. I feel like I can relate it to mine.
  6. I only use mechanical pencils because the sharpening irritates me.
  7. The red and purple Skittles are the only ones I eat.

Now, the seven blogs I nominate for this award:

1. A Traveller’s Tale

2. medzealot

3. Robby Cowell

4. Crocheting Cures Mental Illness!

5. Me Myself and Ela

6. Everything With Grace

7. Writing Is Hard Work

Please check these blogs out; they’re definitely a worthy read!

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          Today, I was very graciously nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by Roger Colby. His blog, writingishardwork, is great and definitely worth being checked out. I thank Roger for the nomination and his support.

     That being said, this award truly is an honor to me, especially considering I’ve only been blogging for a little over two weeks. When I first started, I thought I was going to get maybe twenty views a week; therefore, the reality of the matter is overwhelming.  I love that my work is actually being read now. I love every like, every comment, and every reblog I get. As for my followers? I commend you for dealing with my crazy self.

     Things have gone a bit differently than I expected. I’ve been delving into the world of poetry a lot more than I thought I would. Writing poems wasn’t my forte, but I feel like I’ve become significantly better at it, and now I write them with ease. Also, I didn’t think I’d be as committed to my photography as I am. In my opinion, they make my posts a whole lot prettier, and I really enjoy taking photos that relate to my posts. Nevertheless, writing is still my number one priority.

     Now, since I am too lazy unfortunately don’t have time to follow the “official rules” of the nomination, I’m going to cut the corners a bit. Want to know seven things about me? Read my post, Common Misconceptions About Writers (ha… I know, sad but true). Want to know fifteen amazing bloggers? Pick any of my followers. They’re the reason I try to post every day, and they never cease to inspire me.

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      It’s blue skies and a field of grass underneath my feet. It’s the smell of anticipation and the feeling of hope that makes everything seem new. It’s a warm breeze and a lake that we close our eyes to jump into. It’s an entire lifetime packed into a few months that slips away from us before we can even realize it.

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Glasses? Check. Notebook? Check. Brooding expression? Check. Now all we need is a cat.

       When someone asks you what you want to be in life, they’re expecting the usual answers—doctor, lawyer, teacher. It surprises them when you say you want to be a writer. They don’t understand; they hated writing in school. Didn’t everyone? Was there actually someone who enjoyed writing that two-thousand word essay on Lord of the Flies? No, it’s impossible. The entire class whined about it. Some people even complained on Facebook. And those quiet girls who sit in the back of the class… Well they didn’t complain, but of course they weren’t happy about it either.

       And what are writers supposed to do? Just… write? Do they just sit down in front of their laptop and type down whatever comes to them? Or do they use a pen and paper? What about J.K. Rowling, who wrote the first Harry Potter book on a napkin? Someone said that wasn’t true, but it was on Wikipedia, so of course it’s real. How do you fit a whole book on a napkin, though? Writers must have really small handwriting. They probably squint a lot, too… That’s why they all wear glasses, isn’t it?

       Most writers don’t even make money. They live in a tiny apartment in New York City, alone with their cat. Every night they order Chinese takeout. And eventually their electricity gets shut down because they can’t pay their bill. It’s common these days, if you’re not a politician or if you don’t work with nanotechnology. And for writers, it’s worse. Because if your book isn’t made into a movie, you’re going to be one of those starving artist types.

       You don’t have to be ashamed though. You’re an intellectual—it’s a dying breed. While everyone is out partying and having social lives, you’re cooped up inside trying to change the world. It’s a good thing. The world needs more people like you—people who don’t care about making a living. Reality is a greedy place, but writers aren’t part of reality anyway. They live in their own little fantasyland, where they float on clouds and get swept off into the sunset.

       So what kind of emotional problem do you have? Depression? Introversion? Addiction to caffeine? It’s ok. The workers at Starbucks know lots of customers on a first name basis; it’s not just you. I heard there’s some kind of writer’s rehab, though, where you learn how to cope with all the stress that comes with your creativity. Maybe that’s the right thing for you; you seem like the person who would freak out if your friend sent you a text with improper grammar.

       …Or do you not have any friends?

       That must be the case. No one really cares about the difference between “there”, “their”, and “they’re” anyway. Your phone has probably been lying untouched on a shelf since high school. Maybe it’s even got a layer of dust on it now. You should go check—you probably have asthma or some kind of weird medical condition where you’re allergic to dust.

       Yeah, it must be hard to want to be a writer. Maybe you should rethink your entire life—it seems like the best thing to do. If you want the big bucks, you have to do something realistic, like open a hybrid between a law firm, a laboratory, and a space center. That way, astronauts can find the cure for cancer and sue people who try to claim it as their own. It’ll be the next big thing.

       Then again, you might be happy in your little apartment, blogging for the rest of your life while a pile of rejection letters from all the big publishing companies slowly grows on your desk. To each their own. Just don’t complain when the coffee makes your teeth turn yellow.

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               Last night while I was asleep, I drew back my curtains and saw the planet Saturn drifting by. I had a certainty that someone was about to bomb the Grand Canyon. Oh, and it was doomsday.

               I used to think dreams possessed some kind of meaning—they predicted the future, or they were a reflection of your subconscious desires. But if all that is true, then what was my most recent dream trying to tell me? I’m going to be an astronaut? I want to go to the Grand Canyon, but someone will try to stop me from doing so? Science never was my strong point, and I’m not exactly yearning to see a huge hole in the middle of the desert.

               So I’ve come to realize that people overanalyze their dreams. When you’re asleep, you don’t become a psychic, and your secret, innermost longings aren’t going to reveal themselves to you. Dreams are just random thoughts that float around in our subconscious minds—something we saw or thought about that day comes back to us in a different form. Nevertheless, it’s easy to hope you were given some kind of sign in your sleep—a bit of guidance to put you on the right path, or a hint about events to come.

               And it’s the same for most situations in life. People scrutinize the most trivial matters, hoping to realize something they didn’t notice before. It becomes much easier when you take things as they come, without the endless questioning and investigation. Life isn’t about trying to know things beforehand. It’s about surprises and making mistakes so you can learn more about yourself through them.

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